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Our Two Year Anniversary Celebration – A letter from Artistic Director, Michelle Djokic

My dear friends,

We just marked two years since Musikiwest held our first residency in the Bay Area in November 2017 to share our approach to conflict resolution through the collaborative nature of chamber music. Our all-star cast of musicians has since presented 34 Open Rehearsals to nearly 2000 students at 13 middle and high schools. In addition, they have performed 8 concerts, co-sponsored by the City of Palo Alto, for appreciative music lovers of all ages in our community.

Teachers welcome our innovative way of engaging their students in meaningful discussions about bullying, exclusion, shaming and other negative social behaviors that plague our children’s lives. The responses elicited from students are very moving, as we all acknowledge the commonality of shared negative experiences. The search for resolution of conflicts that inevitably arise during the rehearsal process is a journey shared by the students and the musicians.  The  profound impact of our scripted Open Rehearsal on students is evident in their expressions and comments as they witness world-class musicians accomplishing the ultimate goal of positive collaboration through chamber music.

More than ever, the work of Musikiwest is vital to our children’s lives. The music itself is a beautiful by-product of the gift we bring to the classrooms. During Open Rehearsals, students often request that we play through the entire work without stopping, as they sit in rapture. Schools are offered this program free of charge, and this is only possible through the generous support of Musikiwest sponsors like you.

Please consider including Musikiwest in your year-end gift-giving. Each residency costs Musikiwest approximately $10,000 to cover our artists’ modest honorarium, travel and production costs. The investment in today’s youth will pay dividends to society for years to come. Musikiwest is a 501c(3) organization, EIN# 82-2534522, making your donation 100% tax-deductible. 

We hope you enjoy this short slide show capturing the essence of our most recent Musikiwest residency. I look forward to seeing you again at our next public concert on February 27, 2020 at Mitchell Park Community Center. Best wishes for a peaceful and healthy New Year!

Most sincerely,

Artistic Director